…and How First-Time Founders Can Avoid Them

Illustrations handmade with ❤ by Ariane Frida Sofie

Forgive me, founder, for I have sinned!

While I raised 10m EUR as a first-time entrepreneur, I made every mistake in the b̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ book. I didn’t talk to enough investors. I let rounds drag on. I took rejections personally. One unclear legal clause cost us millions when we sold the company years later! You name it.


How Business Owners Must Cater To ‘Generation Mute’

Mobile messaging — the future operating system for business communication. Illustration: Ariane Frida Sofie

A nasty spider bit my friend Josh! Here in Bali, Indonesia, it happens more often than you’d think. Paradise has its price. But don’t worry! Josh sent a photo of the bite to his doctor over WhatsApp. Moments later, he learned the name of the right medicine. …

How to Stay Sane as a First-Time Founder When Things Go Wrong

Yoda. He’s always calm, clear, and powerful. I love Star Wars. Illustration by Feliks Eyser


So, we had just closed our first round of funding when my key employee quits. I had sold the investors on that employee's skills, and everything was horrible. I felt like a faker, and our company would never work despite the funding! That night I slowly walked to the bus…

Problems create entrepreneurial opportunities, and 2020 is not lacking in problems

An illustration of a unicorn emerging from fiery ashes in the shape of a phoenix.
The year 2020: Unicorns rising from the ashes. Illustration: Ariane Frida Sofie

I started my digital marketing company in 2009 against the backdrop of a global financial crisis. Most people thought a young university graduate — like I was at that time — should play it safe and wait for the business climate to get better before starting a company. …

Your job isn’t about finding the best option anymore — it’s about finding the option that is least bad

Illustration: Ariane Frida Sofie

Dear startup CEOs: It’s time to shift your mindset.

Last week might have been about growth and funky new initiatives. It could have been about hiring employees and closing that new financing round and launching that new product. Last week was about shiny things. Growth was your religion, and your…

There might be ways to keep them happy without breaking the bank.

Illustrations handmade with ❤ by Ariane Frida Sofie

Welcome to the beginning of the year. It’s a beautiful time when the snow is falling, new year’s resolutions are not yet broken dreams, and employees suddenly demand a steep salary increase in your chronically underfinanced start-up. You check your bank account with the usual anxiety and realize that this…

Here’s what serial entrepreneurs change about their next business

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

TThe sun was setting and starting to melt into a creamy orange color over the beautiful fields of Mallorca’s nature. Our group of 15 entrepreneurs had gathered on the island to learn from each other. One of my core beliefs is that if you surround yourself with extraordinary people, good…

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Tech founder & investor from 🇩🇪. Sharing experiences for first-time founders💡🛠🚀

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